Whitewater Rafting Clothing

What clothes you will need to wear for your whitewater rafting expedition? Through several decades of experience raftingspot.com know exactly what clothing will make your whitewater rafting experience unforgettable. It is important to make sure you are prepared for any type of weather or conditions that may arise, so continue reading to discover what clothes you shouldn’t forget to bring with you for your white water rafting experience!

Whitewater Rafting Helmets

As we all know whitewater rafting is an adrenaline filled sport, with that being said, it is also a sport that comes with inherent risks. Would you go motorcycling without a helmet? I hope the answer is no, and if it is no, then read all about the different criteria you should be looking for when deciding what whitewater rafting helmet is best for you!

Correct Fit

You want a helmet that is not going to fall off. Look for a helmet that is the same size as your head. A helmet should cover your head down to the base of the skull. It should extend past your ears and cover your forehead. Look for a helmet that has a chin strap and adjusters.


A helmet needs to withstand impact. A helmet that is made with thermoplastic Laminated Carbon shell technology will withstand any hard impact.


Whitewater rafting in the summer can be very hot, a helmet that offers direct ventilation and will prevent you from overheating on the rapids. Look for a helmet that offers air vents positioned around the helmet, this will ensure a direct flow of cool air. Look for a helmet that has holes in it to drain the water that might gain entry into the helmet.

Safety Certificate

A WRIS certificate means that a helmet has passed a series of rigorous tests in order to determine if it offers good protection. If a helmet receives this certificate it means it is recommended for use on the rapids.
NRS Havoc Livery Helmet
Shell MaterialABS plastic
Liner MaterialClosed-cell EVA foam
Ear CoverageNo
CertificationCE EN 1385
Features6 ventilation/drain holes

Why RaftingSpot Likes It:

This is a commonly used helmet as it has an adjustable fit and is durable for numerous water activities. You’ll feel comfortable knowing this meets CE EN 1385 standards to keep you safe.

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Whitewater Rafting Shoes

Let’s face it, whitewater rafting is an action-filled sport that will end up with you getting wet. And when I mean wet, I mean drenched. Therefore it’s important to take into consideration what is the most appropriate type of footwear to use. Firstly you need to wear something that you don’t mind getting wet or muddy. Furthermore also make sure your footwear has been ‘worn in’ there is nothing worse than suffering from blisters during your trip and that your shoes offer good protection.

Shoes you should stay away from:

Flip-flops Sandals with exposed toes, Loose fitting shoes, New shoes, Heavy hiking boots, shoes that won’t dry quickly such as leather footwear. These types of footwear offer little to no protection, will absorb a lot of water and possibly even fall off were you to end up in the water. So let’s take a look at the best type of footwear for your whitewater rafting adventure!

Best whitewater rafting footwear:

Tennis shoes Closed-toe hiking sandals Hiking sandals are the best choice of footwear for your whitewater rafting trip, they dry quickly and can be cleaned easily. Furthermore, they offer good protection against any pesky rocks you might come across, and they offer good grip on any slippery surfaces. Old tennis shoes are also a good alternative, however, make sure you lace them up very tightly to prevent them slipping off. In addition, I also suggest bringing a second pair of shoes with you. This will allow you to change into a dry pair of shoes once you are out of the water. Believe me, they will be a lifesaver. Whitewater rafting is a demanding sport so you will need something that fits well, is comfortable, drains well but is also sturdy and unlikely to fall off.
Astral Men's Brewer 2.0 Water Shoe
Weight22.4 oz
Material Upper1000 denier nylon
Sole MaterialSiped, sticky rubber
Closure SystemLaces

Why RaftingSpot Likes It:

This is a versatile shoe that you can wear outside of the water, but still performs in the water with comfort and traction.but still performs well as a water shoe for whitewater rafting. The siped sticky rubber ensures you always have a firm foot placement.

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Whitewater Rafting Pants

The pants you will be wearing for your whitewater rafting experience depends on the weather conditions. If it’s going to be cooler you may want to wear pants. If the weather is going to be hot you may want to look into wearing something lighter such as shorts. But no matter if you are wearing shorts or pants there are particular qualities you want to look for when considering what to wear. Continue reading below for our advice!


One of the most important criteria when choosing pants is that they are waterproof. White Water rafting guarantees that you will get wet. The last thing you want is to be sitting on a raft in wet and uncomfortable pants all day. Choose a material that is waterproof and will deflect the spray keeping you warm and comfortable throughout your excursion. Make sure you wear loose fitting, woven materials such as polyester and nylon that will dry quickly in the sunshine. Nylon pants are perfect. They will able you to get splashed, jump in the water, and yet still have dry shorts at lunch. Skip the cotton clothing as this tends to get wet and stay wet. If the weather is cooler you will also be thankful for having waterproof clothing as this will maintain your core body temperature.


Make sure your pants are loose fitting materials such as polyester and nylon that will dry quickly in the sunshine. Avoid heavy blue denim and this will get wet and stay wet and will become very heavy and uncomfortable. Cotton is also a no go as this can become waterlogged and heavy very quickly. Nylon shorts and pants are extremely lightweight and comfortable and will dry off quickly or will be dry by morning.


The ultimate goal is to stay warm. I can really recommend wearing Synthetic long underwear as a base layer. You will want to choose long underwear made of polypropylene, nylon or wool. This under your waterproof trousers is a recipe for success.
NRS Men's Lolo Pants
Material5.2 oz. 88% nylon/12% spandex blend

Why RaftingSpot Likes It:

These pants are lightweight, have zip-off adaptability, and are ideal for on-the-water performance. It is designed with paddlers in mind and 5 pockets to store any accessories.

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