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Rafting has always been a passion of mine. Nothing is better than getting out on the river with family and friends. However, during my adventures I could never find a central resource for all of my rafting needs. Therefore, Rafting Spot was born to serve this purpose for me and for you. From the gear needed, the terminology used on the river, whitewater rafting guide certification courses, to the best locations in each state, we have it all on here (or hope to). Also, follow our blog and social media accounts for new updated information.

I hope that Rafting Spot answers all of your rafting questions like it has ours. Rafting is my passion and I hope this site gets you on the river quickly and safely.

Why Rafting Spot?

At Rafting Spot, our goal is to help you have the best experience possible. We aim to help everyone from rookies looking at their first trip to vets trying to find new gear. We hope to empower you to make an informed decision and get on the water pronto!

Affiliate Disclosure

At RaftingSpot.com, we aim to be as transparent as the river. We either do or intend to place advertising on the site. Some of the products and locations listed on this site we also receive compensation for either by “featuring” them or from any purchases by site visitors. However, we only list these locations and gear that we 100% stand behind and have researched to ensure they benefit you and us for all of our rafting needs.

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