Whitewater Rafting Gear

Rafting Spot has compiled selection criteria and our gear recommendations after testing them out, speaking with our suppliers, and interviewing professionals. We can only recommend, so ensure you test them out to figure our your favorites. Then, feel free to let us know your favorites so we can try them out, review, and possibly recommend them to others!

NRS Outlaw 140

nrs outlaw 140

Aire 156R

aire 156r

NRS PackRaft

nrs packraft
You can’t whitewater raft without a raft. Find ones that we deem tried and true.


nrs ptc canoe raft paddle

Werner Guide Stick

werner guide stick

Carlisle Economy

carlisle economy paddle
You need to be able to navigate properly, so check out our top paddles to get you down the river.



NRS Vapor

nrs vapor pfd

NRS Big Water V

nrs big water v pfd
If you or a guest happen to fall out, remain calm knowing that these certified PFDs will keep you afloat.


NRS Havoc Livery Helmet


NRS mens vibe water shoes


NRS Men's Lolo Pants

River clothing to keep you safe and warm all day long. Helmets, shoes, and pants are the essentials.

Throw Bags

NRS Standard Rescue Throw Bag

Hole-Patch Kits

Tear aid patch

Locking Carabiners

Omega Standard Locking D Carabiner
Always be prepared for the unexpected with these common safety equipment items.

Dry Bags

NRS Tuff Sacks

Books & Maps

Camp Cooking Without Coolers 2 Book

Ear Plugs

Mack's ear plugs
There are a plethora of rafting accessories, but these are our must haves.